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Craftmatic Adjustable Beds

Craftmatic adjustable beds are stylish, robust in design, excellent for your health, priced sensibly and much more.  It is difficult to explain how this bed could change a person’s life, until he or she is able to acquire his or her very own bed.


There are already over a million of the Craftmatic adjustable beds sold into households today.  One of the reasons is that the unique advantage of adjustability.  It is designed to follow the natural curves of the body, by doing so it eliminates aches and pains due to uncomfortable position. You wake up feeling renewed and revitalized. It has provisions for elevating your head or your feet.  There is built in comfort heating and massage.  It allows for easier breathing because it spreads the body’s weight evenly.  No tossing and turning to get into the right position, it could be adjusted to match the contours of your body so you will be on your back all night long.


Flat beds hurt because it does not follow the bodies curve.  There are gaps between your body and the bed. These gaps are not supported hence, the muscle strain and discomfort it brings.  With the Craftmatic adjustable beds, there is over a thousand relaxing and soothing positions you could choose to support certain body parts from your head down to your legs.  Best of all it is accomplished by a touch of a button.  It does not mess up blood circulation in your leg.  It can even be elevated further or lowered depending on what you feel is comfortable.  Choose to sleep in the fetal position; according to surveys it is the preferred sleeping position for most people. 


This bed with just a simple touch of a button supports the fetal position. Sleep better by making an environment conducive to sleep. Read a good book, put off your worries for tomorrow and relax, turn off the lights, get some peace and quiet, and play calming music and lastly a get into a comfortable bed like the Craftmatic adjustable beds.  Even if you do not want to sleep and just wants to lie down or sit in comfort while watching TV, reading a nice book, talking on the phone with friends, having breakfast in bed, even doing paper work or working on your laptop.   You can get into the most appropriate comfortable position for all these stuff with this style of bed.  All you have to do is push the buttons on its remote control.


Additional features include comforting heat and massage. The Craftmatic adjustable beds can heat up and keep you warm in the winter or just temporarily relieve the body’s aches and pains.  Massage is also available in different options; it includes wave massage and dual variable speed massage.  The massage motors are extremely silent and is equipped with a timer should you want it to shut off when you fall asleep.  You can also control the motor for a gentler massage that could lead you to sleep or if you want a powerful setting to give you a stimulating feeling.  There are plenty of models to choose from with different features.  Choose one that would suit your needs and budget.




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